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August 26-28 2022

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Demo February 6th - Donna Frazier

Tool Grinds

As the saying goes, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. My great grandfather was a craftsman woodworker/woodturner. Woodworking and artistry has been a part of my family for

generations. Despite growing up with a full woodshop in the basement...I didn't begin my woodturning journey until 6 years ago when I mistakenly attended a HCW meeting. To my

surprise it wasn't a basic woodworking club but it was so much more....and that is where I discovered the lathe! Two years later, in 2019, I became vice president of my club along with being asked to compete at masters at work in Broken Bow OK. In 2020, I remained vice president and was also placed on the HCW mentor list. It became my job to find demonstrators for our monthly club zoom meetings; because of COVID I was no longer limited to close range turners and I began contacting Master turners from around the world. This led to my discussions regarding techniques,

grinds, and tool limits and my passion to understand what's happening at the cutting edge of a gouge. In 2021 I was president of HCW, was once again invited to Masters at work,

and in the same year I turned my first cowboy hat. Through my continuous studies, I began to realize that if I learned the limits and when those limits could be pushed, I could become a better woodturner and as an instructor make it easier for others to learn.Woodturning advice often comes with a lot of "do whatever works for you." But how "do" you know what works for you? All the different tools and techniques, can be confusing and frustrating. However, if you risk understanding the universal principles of the cutting edge, you will know your game options. Woodturning will become enjoyable and no longer a means to an end. Ironically, that is when you win! Because now, all project ends are possible!"You cannot beat a river (wood on the lathe) into submission. You have to surrender to its current and use its power as your own." -The Ancient One