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October 7th- Charley Phillips

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 I started off as a decorative Artist in the 80s I started teaching decorative painting in about 5 or so years later so I could pay for more ART supplies and it is nice to help other with there art work. Then a woodcarving class was offered where I was teaching decorative painting in the 90 So I decided to try wood carving And soon discovered that it just added another dimension to my decorative painting after a while I was asked to teach a wood carving as well which just paid for more art supplies And then we moved from the Vancouver Washington Portland /Oregon area to Texas about 15 years ago and I started teaching wood carving and writing a few articles for wood carving illustrated about two years ago I decided to take up the wood turning and that just added One dimension to my art work. And also raise two kids ran a daycare until they were school age. and then drove a school bus so I could be have the Summers and holidays off with my kids . My husband's job transferred us Texas about 15 years ago when our youngest kid graduated from high school for some reason I had no desire to drive a school bus with no AC in the Texas heat.{i'm a heat whip} So now I just Carve ,Turn,Burn and Painting as much as I can.