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Demo December 7th - Jason Clark: Saturn Bowls

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August 28-30 2020


The meeting will start at 6:30PM on 12-7-20

After the demonstration there will be a raffle for 8 nice prizes

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Presidents Challenge

Wig Stands for Cancer Patients

The stand consists of 3 parts:  1) a 6-8” bowl that is not hollowed out; 2) a 12” spindle; and a base that should also be about 6” in diameter. Drill a 3/4” mortise in both the bowl and a base and a matching tenon on both ends of the spindle. Put a poly finish on the project as wax, oil, shellac can cause problems with the wig material.
You can Google “ turned wig stands “ to get more ideas.
Let’s do this for both the November and December meetings. We will make arrangements to pick up your stands and deliver them to a cancer center.

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