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August 28-30 2020

The March meeting program will be “Tips and Tricks.”  Everyone is invited to share ideas and techniques that save time, improve the quality of turning, or solve a problem that comes up in woodturning.   The ideas do not have to be earth shattering; they can be simple ideas that work for you. Certainly, everyone is interested in decreasing sanding time, simple finishing ideas, how to chuck that strangely shaped blank, safety tips, simple maintenance tips, how to keep a blank from cracking, etc.  Tips and Tricks are always a favorite om our YouTube channel.

If you wish to make a short presentation of a tip or trick, please let Neal Brand know what you have in mind and he will schedule you.  The best thing is to send Neal an email at and let him know approximately how much time you will need and what you will need – the lathe, a table, etc.  Please try to keep your presentations to 5 minutes or less. If time allows, Neal will ask for other unscheduled tips at the end of the program.  So if you forget to tell him, you may still be able to make your presentation.