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September 2nd- Don Ward   Casting and Resins

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Don has always enjoyed woodworking and developed an interest in woodturning in 1998. Having always loved pens, especially older fountain pens, Don was quite excited in 2001 when he discovered that he could make pens on his wood lathe. Don turned his first pen and was hooked. He has studied, learned, grown and developed, not only in his turning, but also in his pen making. Don has become an accomplished pen maker and continues to strive to make his artwork through pens unique and beautiful.

Don has also acquired quite an interest in casting his own pen blanks and other turning blanks using polyester resin, polyurethane resins and epoxy resins. He also is stabilizing wood: a process of removing air from the cell structure of wood and replacing the air space with resins. This stabilization makes soft, punky and spalted wood stable enough to use for turning.  Click here for Don’s full Bio