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May 1st Demonstration

Cheryl Darrow - Surface Decoration

GTW Event Calendar 2017    August 7th & 8th.

Janis Levi will be the demonstrator at Our August 7th meeting.  She has offered to teach a half day class August 8th on finials. Click HERE for all the details.

Cheryl Darrow - Biography

I have never given much thought to where I find inspiration for my art. Sometimes I dream it, but I have to write down the ideas or I forget them.  I have always been able to look at shapes and see something else. When I worked for manufacturers, the projects or samples I created would have to sell an item. Now I'm free to find inspiration in anything I see around me. I actually get quite a few ideas from watching home improvement shows. An application on a wall becomes a background on mat board using inks or chalk. Or, something that is turned into a lamp, I'll recreate the concept and make a shrine.  After having gone through some real special moments in my life, I've come to some deep realizations about life. One such realization is that life is ten seconds long. It is really a very simple thought, but it has gotten me through tough times. It helps to put things into perspective when you have limited time. I want my remaining seconds to be full of life and fun. Thus, the name for this company, Ten Seconds Studio.  Click the link below for here Bio.

Cheryl from Ten Seconds Studio will be demoing their VerDay Paints and Patina to show just how easy it is to take something from Drab to Fab with simply and easy tricks in painting on wood.