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I’ve been a member of GTW for about 15 years and a member of AAW for almost as long.  I enjoy turning all sorts of things, but a box is one of my favorite objects to make.  In the August issue of the American Woodturner, Beth Ireland wrote a nice description of how to make a pencil box, a box that looks like a pencil.  Her technique requires little more than the standard tools that essentially all woodturners own.  My plan is to demonstrate various ways to make a pencil box, including Beth’s techniques as well as a few other ideas.  In the process, I will talk about how a few additional tools can be helpful, although not necessary to make a pencil box.  Some of the additional tools are common woodworking tools such as the table saw and a rotary tool, but one is not so common. I’ll show how access to a 3D printer can be very helpful in making jigs and parts of the final product.