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I got into woodworking intending to make furniture.  I had no interest at all in woodturning.  In 2000, a fellow woodworker at my office signed up for a penturning class at Woodcraft and talked me into taking it with him.  I was instantly hooked.  I bought my first lathe and started cranking out pens.  I took a bowl turning class at Woodcraft where there was a last-minute substitute instructor – Gary Roberts.  He told the class about the Central Texas Woodturners Association and the AAW, though he did not say he was instrumental in starting both.  He had some copies of his book with him, and I bought one.  I was astonished to realize who I had just taken a beginning bowl turning class from.  I also realized that, in the right hands, the lathe could do far more than I had expected.  While I have made a few pieces of furniture since that time, my main focus has been turning. I have held multiple positions within the CTWA, including president.

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