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August 27-29 2021


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Demo July 5th - John Solberg

Bowl Turning 101

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The program for July will highlight the fun of bowl turning. We will explore various shapes and sizes that make up pleasing looking bowls.  I will start with a look at the various tools that I use and how they are sharpened.  We will then explore the different methods of mounting a bowl blank; between centers, face plate, screw chuck, scroll chuck, glue block, and types of tenons. I will then mount a blank, develop a chucking method, and turn both the outside and inside.  Then we’ll discuss the different ways to remove and finish the bottom of the bowl.  Along the way I’ll talk about sanding and finishing.

We have many good bowl turners at GTW and everyone has their own way of turning.  The July demo is my way of turning a bowl.  It is not the only way or perhaps not even best way! But it is my way. It is a method that works well for me.  I encourage you to develop your own methods and build on those skills.