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Monday September 4th Tips & Tricks

We would like everyone in the club to come with your favorite tips and tricks for woodturning. It can be a short presentation from 1 minute to 10 minutes.  It doesn’t even have to be about lathe work. Maybe you have a great way to clean shop and lathe, some finishing techniques, wood setup, storage ideas, turning tricks, lathe maintenance, wood shop organization, wood storage, sharpening, tool making, etc.  One of my favorite tricks from a past episode was to put my remotes in plastic zip bags. This tip from a past episode sounds easy but it has helped me time and again.  It helps us all learn.

Please send Joel Rubin an email ( with a quick note about how long you will present.  He can put together a list so we don’t go to long or short in our meeting.

I personally have learned so much from these meetings and from each of you wood-turners.  The Tips and Tricks is usually our biggest video on YouTube.  When we post to YouTube we get so many hits (views). An example from our Gizmos video from 4 years ago we have had 34,000 views. Last years video we have already had 16,000 views. People love to see our stuff on Denton Turners in    So please come up with your best ideas and send Joel an email.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact any board member.I personally look forward to seeing some great ideas this year.