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Monday November 6th - Sammy Thomason

My first project was a plastic model of either the Santa Maria or the Mayflower. It had about 10 or 12 pieces and became a complete mess. But I was on my way. Six years old and my parents would not let me burn it?
In that neighborhood, was a group of about four kids who built models: plastic, wood and stick and paper. Cars, boats, planes, rockets, anything that would move and later explode or burn. Powered by rubber bands, co2 cartridges, jetex rockets, small gas airplane engines and when ruined beyond repair, sky rockets, fire crackers and cherry bombs. Surprisingly none of us were never injured. One rooster did die an early death when a black powder rocket exploded near him. Supposed to go up but went sideways. In today's world, we would probably just play computer games.
However, we experienced something today's kids miss. Failure. Lots of discussions about why a model did not fly, float, roll, skid, crash or go where we wanted it to go. Trial and error or better, trial and failure.

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