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I bought my first mini lathe six and a half years ago.  For the next two and a half years the only time I had for turning was on the weekends.  Pens and bottle stoppers were the beginning.  That start led me to tops and miniatures incorporating color, texture, and multimedia. 

My background in art has been incorporated into my life from the first art class in the seventh grade. I was creative with a multitude of techniques and media, including wood.  Sandblasted wood signs was a business for ten years.

My passion in wood turning is in the artistic and creative side, incorporating color, texture, pyrography, piercing and limited carving.

In July 2018 I was introduced to the Dirty Pour paint technique.  Working with Ron Campbell and Rebecca DeGrot, we covered a lot of area in the short time, experimenting with color and refining the technique.  I have taken that to the next level, lids for bowls, as well as doing the entire piece as one unit. Click to see Ron’s full bio