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This months Newsletter

Downloadable Documents

250 Things to Turn on a Lathe

Building a Vacuum Chuck, Bruised Brothers

    Vacuum Pressure Chart

Common and Specialty Chucks, Oren Zehner

Hollow Spheres, Jon Lindgren

Making the Most of Your Mini Lathe, John Horn

Mini Lathe Projects, John Horn

Piercing on the Cheap, Glynn Cox

Shop Made Tools,  John Solberg

Stone Inlay, Steven Hatcher (5 Handouts)

Texas Wood, George Freeman

Tibetan Moment of Inertia, Neal Brand

Tibetan Spindles, Neal Brand

Tippe Tops Demonstration Handout

Vaporizer II, Dave Gelnett

Voltage PS, Dave Gelnett

Wobble Bowls Demo Handout, John Solberg

Turning a Femisphere

Plywood Steady Rest for Hollowing - Don Hawkins

   Parts List for Hollowing System

Segmented Cutting Chart

Turning Spheres, Craig Timmerman

   Sphere Boxes

Using the Flute Master - Buddy Compton

Pencil Box Hexagon Layout

Turning Burl Caps - Drew Shelton


The GTW Library contains Books and DVDs owned by the club that are available for your use.

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